our passion


Since the beginning, we've done things differently.
Pushed the boundaries and asked ourselves...
"Is this really as good as it can get?"

You inspire us.

And we aim to continually raise the bar, obsess about quality, and listen, really listen to what you want so that we can deliver what you deserve.

PLE is for pioneers.

For visionaries. For those who believe, as we do, that real connection is built out of joy, passion, and discovery.


Human experiences first

We’re in the business of relationships. It’s a matter of respect, inclusivity, and what genuinely connects and unites us.

Exceed expectations

We put the extra in extraordinary, delighting in the details that make a moment unforgettable. Bringing you exceptional experiences brings us joy.

Create the future

We like to be at the forefront of change. Celebrating the people who navigate new paths, push the boundaries, and trailblaze a positive future for the industry.

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