Luxury Travel Insights with Timothy Mayer

Atrium Residences: Unparalleled Luxury and Exclusivity in Switzerland

Timothy Mayer from Atrium Residences talks about their unique offering, the part that innovation plays in luxury travel, and his experience at Private Luxury Dubai.

Tell us about Atrium Residences, your offerings, and USPs

Atrium Residences owns and operates fully serviced, ultra-luxury villas. We are a leading provider in the Swiss rental segment with 12 exclusive properties.

Our properties are based in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland’s two main city hubs, and are available for short or extended periods of time. No two homes are the same – from villas to penthouses, every property has its own individual identity, and our in-house team of private chefs, butlers, concierges, drivers, and housekeepers ensure an exceptional and tailor-made experience for our UHNWI guests.

I want to stress that access to large and luxurious villas in the most affluent city neighbourhoods is beyond rare – and Atrium is able to provide this all year round.

Image credit: Atrium Residences

What makes Switzerland a favoured destination for luxury travellers?

Luxury travellers have always seen Switzerland as a natural destination for excellence, quality, safety, and – of course – the beauty of its landscapes.

The mountains can be enjoyed in both winter and summer, but we’re observing that more and more luxury travellers are choosing the main cities as their base. This approach gives them more flexibility and enables them to combine business meetings with leisure and/or medical check-ups and easily explore the surrounding region on the most glorious days.

What trends do you see playing a part in luxury travel over the next few years?

Luxury travel has evolved considerably in the last few years towards more privacy, more space, and more tailor-made experiences. We believe this trend will continue and even accelerate in the future, with more and more people looking to rent private and exclusive properties. In the ultra-luxury segment, this trend is accompanied by an increased willingness to invest in personal health and wellbeing, where “in-villa” tailored dietary and physical programmes can have a profound and lasting effect.

How big a part does innovation play in luxury travel?

Big data, connectivity, and AI are innovations that the luxury travel industry will need to embrace to a certain extent. Yet, the human element remains the differentiating factor since the early days of hospitality, meaning that the guest experience is crafted by well-educated, top-notch staff delivering quality service at all times, and with a smile. On a more macro level, we do observe innovation in the way that some established hotel players are now embracing the growing trend of luxury villa rentals. As a result, they are partnering with villa providers for the development of branded residences.

What has your experience been like as a first-time attendee at Private Luxury?

Private Luxury was a very enriching experience, where I was able to meet and exchange with a large number of qualified buyers and fellow exhibitors.

The organisation at the event was as precise as a Swiss watch and everything was carefully thought out to maximise our opportunities to connect, both formally and in more relaxed settings.

What has been your favourite Private Luxury event element or moment?

The informal networking opportunities around the lunches, evening events, and destination experiences were a great complement to the pre-arranged meeting formula.

Just for fun – how and where would you spend your perfect day?

Sea + sport + sun would be the winning formula! With good food and good laughs, somewhere in the south of Spain.
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