Luxury Travel Insights with Timothy Mayer

Atrium Residences: Unparalleled Luxury and Exclusivity in Switzerland Timothy Mayer from Atrium Residences talks about their unique offering, the part that innovation plays in luxury travel, and his experience at Private Luxury Dubai. Tell us about Atrium Residences, your offerings, and USPs Atrium Residences owns and operates fully serviced, ultra-luxury villas. We are a leading provider in the Swiss rental segment with 12 exclusive properties. Our properties are based in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland’s two main city hubs, and are available for short or extended periods of time. No two homes are the same – from villas to penthouses, every property has its own individual identity, and our in-house team of private chefs, butlers, concierges, drivers, and housekeepers ensure an exceptional and tailor-made experience for our UHNWI guests. I want to stress that access to large and luxurious villas in the most affluent city neighbourhoods is beyond rare – and Atrium is able to provide this all year round. Image credit: Atrium Residences What makes Switzerland a favoured destination for luxury travellers? Luxury travellers have always seen Switzerland as a natural destination for excellence, quality, safety, and – of course – the beauty of its landscapes. The mountains can be

Discovering Koh Samui with Karen Slocombe

A Luxury Traveller’s Guide to Exclusivity and Serenity Koh Samui is a paradise for luxury travellers, offering a peaceful escape from the crowds of other popular destinations like Phuket and Bali. The exclusivity and serenity of the island provide a relaxed ambiance for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the destination without the hustle and bustle. Chatting with us at our Dubai event in January, Karen Slocombe shares her insights on the hidden gems of Koh Samui, what makes Samujana a popular choice for luxury travellers, and her experience as a Platinum Exhibitor at Private Luxury Dubai. What makes Thailand, and Koh Samui in particular, a popular destination for luxury travellers? Koh Samui in general is considered a great location for luxury travellers because of its exclusivity. Unlike Phuket and Bali, there are limited flights going in and out of the island which means fewer people, less traffic, and less of the backpacker crowd that other areas attract. This makes the island more relaxed and less stressful when out and about. Guests can enjoy the natural beauty of this heavenly island without having to elbow their way through a crowd on the beach. The island itself is

Luxury Travel Insights with Wilson Chen

DELUXETARGETS and Emerging Trends in the Industry Wilson Chen from DELUXETARGETS shares his insights into the luxury travel business, popular destinations for clients, emerging trends in luxury travel, standout products showcased at Private Luxury Dubai, and the value of networking opportunities at the event. Tell us about your business, how it started, and where you operate DELUXETARGETS is a prestigious Swiss luxury travel agency, founded by Mr. Guido Graf in 2001 in Teufen, Switzerland. We’re proud to be a Consortia Preferred Partner for Virtuoso, and a selection of luxury hotels. As Managing Director of Asia Pacific, I lead our efforts to cater to the elite in Chinese-speaking countries. On behalf of DELUXETARGETS, I pioneered the establishment of a regional office in Shanghai and orchestrated a network of remote luxury travel consultants in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Gold Coast, dedicating our expertise to serving the high-end clientele within the global Chinese-speaking community. At the heart of our success as a leading luxury travel service provider is our unparalleled team of travel consultants, whose expertise enables us to broaden our horizons across multiple travel sectors. Which destinations are most popular for your clients, and are there any new experiences they have

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